Our Place on Earth initiatives are about

establishing the connection between

animals and humans to

experience self-love and happiness.

We offer holistic veterinary

consultations at an affordable price,

both online and face-to-face

and have a vision to set up an animal

healing centre in the near future.

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Inspired to share a heartfelt life with animals. Join our tribe. 


Through the eyes of a cow documents Jodi’s inspiring story of travelling the world communicating with cows. As their stories unfold and their secrets are revealed, the possibilities for healing and peaceful co-habitation are explored and the roles played by non-human animals in society are challenged.

“A greater understanding of us (cows) will allow humans to discover their truth and understanding about their life and relationship with the earth”. No 53, dairy cow, Bidart, France.

Book written by Jodi Ruckley, through the eyes of a Cow

“In 2003, whilst visiting a gaushala (cow sanctuary) in India, I was inspired to write a book called ‘Through the Eyes of a Cow’. During this research period I became aware of the power of animals as teachers and healers.

Cows demonstrated that their social structures are based on nurturing relationships, equality, compassion and that humanity could benefit greatly from following the example their peaceful natures provide”.




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